Revolutionising baby sleep

Every baby is unique and every family is different, SleepaSloth is designed to work how you need it to:

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Remote control icon Remote control
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The sleep you deserve

Starting in the womb, babies are naturally inclined to being soothed by sound. Play whatever sound you want as loud as you want for as long as you want

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Easy play

Six simple, silent and configurable toes control different sounds that you can change when you want

Record your voice

Be there for your baby even when you leave the room. Older children will love listening to special messages from grandparents and other loved ones

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Remote control

Change any setting from outside your baby's room using our Android and iOS apps over WiFi

Go anywhere

At home, on the go, in the pram, in the car, anywhere! Rechargeable long-lasting batteries support hassle-free portable use

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Light up your night

A multi-colour and variable intensity nightlight supports night feeds and diaper changes (and toddlers that are scared of the dark)

What we love most about SleepaSloth is how it will grow with us as a family, from soothing our newborn with white noise to helping our toddler learn to go to bed on his own

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Father of 2

I have been looking for the perfect thing to help soothe and aid sleep! I can’t wait until this is launched

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Expectant Mother

The personalised recordings will give us flexibility, adaptability and sleep support both at home and when we travel. We love it!

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Mother of 2

I believe SleepaSloth is going to completely change day time napping for us both and I cannot wait to try it out

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Mother of 1

It will be nice to use my recorded voice to be able to take a step back from time to time while still being a loving and present parent

user avatar

Father of 2

I wish this product had been available for my first who was a reflux baby who needed me all the time

user avatar

Mother of 2

Anything that helps us (baby and parents) sleep better is priceless

user avatar

Father of 2

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