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As a mum of three, I know how much sleep deprivation can impact your daily life, as well as your physical and mental wellbeing. Without a good night’s sleep, we can’t function as well as we need to for ourselves and our children! We’ve had three children and every one of them has had different sleep patterns and needs, some much more straightforward than others! One preferred lullabies, our youngest white noise and our middle child, the sound of our voice. What’s for sure is they all loved having sound while getting to sleep. Babies are so used to hearing all sorts of noises while in the womb so it makes sense that they are naturally soothed by sound when born.

SleepaSloth Prototypes

Our second was the inspiration behind SleepaSloth, he found settling to sleep a bit tricky and always wanted to hear our voice over and over and again. That’s when I realised that the device I needed wasn’t on the market – a machine that allowed me to play the classic lullabies and white noise but also allowed me to play whatever sound I chose and wanted to upload or record in high quality, to then play for him exactly the amount of time I needed. He especially loved my shushing and his Daddy’s humming.

SleepaSloth Family Work

As babies grow into toddlers and then young children, their sleep needs evolve, as do what they like to hear. That’s where SleepaSloth can help too, by being regularly adjusted to suit your needs. My husband Alan and I have been working together since to develop SleepaSloth, including everything we wished we’d had in a sound sleep aid for our own kids. Our goal is to bring more and better sleep to families and we believe SleepaSloth’s customisable features can do just that.

Small Business 100 2023 Award
Small Business 100 2023
Modern Maker Finalist 2023 Award
Modern Maker Finalist 2023
Super Connect For Good Finalist 2022 Award
Super Connect For Good Finalist 2022
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Kickstarter Project We Love 2022
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Innovate UK Grant Winner
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